Organizing the South

The Southern United States has always been averse to the idea of unionized workforces. At its core, much of that is born out of the agrarian history of the region. From the nation’s inception, the South has been an economy driven by agriculture. In fact, the “peculiar...

Daily Perspective: June 11

North Carolina's history of political moderation stands in sharp contrast to the governing principles of the current North Carolina GOP; Biden stands athwart the Democratic field, with a message of compromise and moderation.

Maybe it’s his message

Joe Biden’s front-runner status is causing a lot of angst among Democrats and people who want something different in a candidate. Biden is running, as The Atlantic's David Graham pointed out in May, on a restoration platform. He wants to take America back to where it...

Division as a governing principle

The so-called “Born Alive” bill that Roy Cooper vetoed is the most controversial bill of the legislative session so far. The bill and the veto override are accomplishing the goals of the GOP and continuing a tactic that’s helped them maintain power. They are...

Daily Perspective: June 7

This Daily Perspective covers the new revelations about Hofeller's mapmaking process and Lindsey Graham's endorsement of Thom Tillis for US Senate.

Ghosts of gerrymandering haunt GOP

Files from the computer of the late GOP mapmaker Tom Hofeller are exposing the GOP strategies to manipulate the electorate and rig elections. Last week, we learned that the GOP wanted a census question about citizenship because it hurt Democrats and help Republicans....

Minority Leader Jackson gets a win

Yesterday, Democrats in the North Carolina House sustained Governor Cooper’s veto of the so-called Born Alive bill. Partisans on both sides of the bill lit up social media, often distorting the issue. The pro-life crowd accused Democrats of infanticide. The pro-choice...

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