Rigging the constitution

The NCGOP is rolling out a cynical plan to boost Republican turnout in November. They’re loading up the ballot with constitutional amendments intended to motivate their base. They’re mostly bad ideas designed to lock in conservative principles that will harm working...

State sponsored voter fraud

Last night at 11:30pm, the GOP dropped another bill to limit access to the voting booth. This one would dramatically reduce the number of early voting days from 17 to 10. Rep. David Lewis says that’s not the intention of the bill and that 17 days will be restored. Who...

Cleveland County

Less than twenty miles west of Charlotte, Cleveland County is located on the outskirts of the Charlotte metropolitan area in North Carolina’s western Piedmont. The county borders South Carolina and encompasses part of the state’s Foothills region, a distinct area of...

Subsidizing billionaires

Mixed in the pork from the North Carolina GOP’s 2018 budget is a line item giving $1 million to an equestrian center in Polk County. That’s a big horse arena to host shows for wealthy owners from across the country. Among the owners are members of the Mercer family....

A sad and terrible anniversary

RFK became an opponent of the Vietnam conflict, a quagmire that his brother deepened and Bobby once supported as attorney general. And as a presidential candidate in 1968, he forged a coalition comprised of people of color and many working-class whites infused with hope and possibility.

Clay County

Clay County is a small, rural county located near North Carolina’s western tip in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The county borders Georgia and is separated from Tennessee only by the neighboring Cherokee County, from which Clay was formed in 1861. The...

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