Yesterday proved that the Republican Party has been taken over by a coalition of crazy people and dumb people and funded by rich people who got more than they bargained for. The Benghazi Committee was better off in print than on television. It’s clearly made up of a bunch of people who have connected dots that don’t actually connect. Every time one of them thought  he or she was looking smart, Hillary Clinton made them out to be the fools they are.

For her part, Clinton needs to get in front of inquisitors more often. Her debate performance followed by yesterday’s circus highlighted her obvious intelligence and made her look far more credible and serious than anyone on the GOP side. At a time when she was supposed to be on the defensive, Politico called it “Her best week yet.”

For its part, the Benghazi Committee lost what little credibility it had. Combined with their inability to find a House Speaker, the House GOP looks like a dysfunctional group of children who clearly shouldn’t be making decisions that affect the whole country. What’s even more disturbing is watching their supporters on Twitter declare victory in the wake of the hearing yesterday.

In North Carolina, we’ve been watching this show for years. Currently the dysfunction is playing out in their sadly comical and destructive attempt to find a new president of the university system. Like chairman is an incompetent leader who has problems with the truth. At the same time, ideologues and conspiracy theorists appointed to the board are attacking the process, leaving reporters and pundits with a field day.

Ironically, the chairman, John Fennebresque, may be the sane one in the crowd. He’s clearly ham-handed in his handling of the board but he might be trying to outflank his tin-foil hat caucus who have fantasies of breaking up the system or privatizing it. Forcing the vote on former Secretary of Education Margaret Spelling might be his way of keeping the university out of the hands of candidates who would be more susceptible political pressure or manipulation. As Rob Christensen astutely noted, “Dealing with conservative cowboys is old hat for Spellings. Maybe that is what the legislature is worried about.”

Smart Republicans should be embarrassed. Instead of blaming a biased media, they need to step back and see how silly their leaders look. After the Speaker debacle, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, and what’s happened in North Carolina, the GOP no longer gets the benefit of the doubt. It’s up to them to prove that they can govern. So far, they’ve failed miserably.


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