Senator Thom Tillis responded to Robert Mueller’s news conference by saying “Case closed: Move on.” He’s really engaging in a cover up of potential crimes by the President of the United States to protect his political career. He should be charged with accessory after the fact. 

Mueller clearly wants Congress to take up the investigation of the President. He said so in his report and he reiterated the point yesterday. He essentially said that the only reason Trump wasn’t indicted is that a sitting president can’t be indicted. It’s up to Congress, not the Justice Department, to address wrong-doing by the chief executive. Yesterday, he all but asked Congress to begin impeachment hearings. 

That’s not what Tillis or Mitch McConnell or many other Republicans want to hear. Instead, they’re engaged in a coverup, denying what the report clearly states and intentionally misleading the public about the implications of Mueller’s findings. They are putting their political aspirations above the rule of law. The long-term consequences could be devastating to the health of our nation. 

Thom Tillis swore an oath to protect the constitution, not the president. Along with McConnell, Tillis has decided he will do whatever is necessary to keep Trump in office. He’s disrespecting  the office he holds and the people he represents. Instead of announcing the president did no wrong, he should keep his mouth shut until the House decides what to do. If there is an impeachment hearing, he should be prepared to hear the evidence and vote accordingly, not cover up potential wrong-doing by the president.

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump famously said that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose any supporters. It’s true. Today, Tillis is one of those supporters.  What a disgrace. 


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