Political ad buys in recent weeks offer insight into the Trump White House and exposes Trump’s pathological dysfunction. They show a man with little self-control or self-awareness who is easily triggered, as the kids say. The whole episode is also hilarious. 

The Lincoln Project is a group of GOP political consultants and operatives who have abandoned Trump and are now trying to defeat him. With clearly deep-pocketed donors, they’ve been releasing a barrage of devastating ads portraying Trump as everything from a stooge to a failed president. While they are running the ads in swing states across the country, they are also placing significant ad buys on Fox News in the DC market. They have an audience of one: Trump.

One ad, “Mourning in America,” left Trump rage tweeting at the founders of the Lincoln Project in the middle of the night. His ire drove so many contributions to their cause they were able run even more ads. The latest ad was released on the anniversary of D-Day comparing Trump to Dwight Eisenhower who prepared to take full responsibility if the invasion failed. Trump in contrast, takes responsibility for nothing.  

The ads upset Trump so much that his campaign is now buying ads in the DC market on Fox News to calm him down. They are spending $400,000 on ads so the president can see himself on television in a positive light. Again, they have a target audience of one. 

Then, earlier this week, a CNN poll shows Joe Biden opening up a 14 point lead on Trump. The president got so agitated that the campaign had their pollster write a memo arguing that the poll is wrong. The amount of energy the White House is spending trying to keep Trump from throwing self-destructive temper tantrums is staggering. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, while cities across the country are exploding in anger over racial injustice, the President of the United States is obsessing over negative political ads and bad polls. A renegade group of GOP operatives are able to get under his skin so successfully, that his campaign is spending six figures to try to keep the president calm. It also exposes his bizarre addiction to television. Not only can’t he turn it off, he’s triggered by any criticism that he gets. What a snowflake. 


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