So here’s my unpopular take today. I much prefer watching the rescue of the twelve Thai soccer players and their coach than the whole Supreme Court pick. I’m glad the team is safe and I’m a bit in awe of the divers and supporters who made it happen. I’m disgusted with what’s happening to our politics and our government.

Everything that’s wrong with politics and the media is on display this morning. The fact that a conservative organization, The Federalist Society, provides the list of acceptable replacements for a Supreme Court Justice just goes to show how an elite group of ideologues can shape our government. The fact that progressive organizations had canned press releases condemning a choice before they knew who it was shows a cynical and unthinking opposition.

A reporter this morning tweeted that retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy negotiated his replacement with the Trump administration and that Brett Kavanaugh was Kennedy’s choice. If that’s true, that’s incredibly disturbing. However, the reporter’s final tweet noted, “To be clear: This is from one source and don’t have any info on whether potus talked to kennedy about a possible replacement.” Why would she tweet something as fact that came from a single source? That’s bad journalism, but I guess tweeting is not journalism. It’s rumor mongering.

Now, Democrats seem prepared to launch a battle they can’t win. Even if they manage to block Kavanaugh, Trump will offer another choice that is no better. Eventually, Trump and the GOP will get their pick.

A protracted fight is a big risk for Democrats going into an election that looks favorable to them. The generic ballot favors them by about eight points right now. I fear that an ugly and long fight against Kavanaugh will lose political support from an electorate that doesn’t care that much about the court. Even if Democrats block him, they could lose support that strengthens the GOP’s hand after November, giving Trump the chance to nominate an even more conservative justice.

If that’s bothsidism, so be it. Our politics is broken by two dysfunctional parties. The press loses credibility by tweeting instead of reporting. The losers here are the American people.


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