Hillary Clinton’s great line that “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons” was amplified last night. Donald Trump took the bait all night long and proved in front of 100 million viewers that he has little self-restraint. Contrary to his claim last night, he does not have the best temperament.

Clinton stole a page out of Trump’s playbook without managing to look childish. She first lured Trump into a diatribe by describing his economic plan as “trumped up trickle down.” It was Clinton’s version of “Little Marco” or “Lying Ted” or “Crooked Hillary” and Trump responded as expected. He made the debate about himself, not about America. She showed he’s too thin-skinned to move past any slights, not a trait we need in a president.

Clinton also hit him on his taxes and he sure seemed to say that he didn’t pay any. Not only that, he claimed that not paying them made his smart. Does that make the rest of us dumb? Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns should dominate much of the discussion between now and November. He’s certainly hiding something and we deserve to know what.

For Trump supporters, the debate probably didn’t change much. For Clinton supporters, the debate made them more excited. For the few people who are in the middle, especially women, Trump’s performance probably pushed some toward Clinton.


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