Last night Democrats wrapped up a virtual convention that by almost all accounts, even Fox News, was a success. Democratic nominee Joe Biden closed out the convention with an acceptance speech that laid out his case against Donald Trump and his vision for the future of the country. He contrasted his views with those of Donald Trump, arguing that this election is a battle between light and dark. He also laid to rest any reservations about his fitness for office.

Biden was clear and focused. He was gave Americans an optimistic vision of what America can be. He called for expanding health care, making college more affordable, and combatting racism. He talked about opportunity and the future. And just by his very nature, he contrasted with the cartoonish Donald Trump. Where Trump is a bully calling his enemies childish names, Biden looked like a compassionate leader who wants to heal the country, making the point that he would be the president of all Americans, not just those who vote for him.

More importantly, the convention highlighted who Democrats are. The panel with the candidates from the 2020 primary showed America a lineup of impressive, smart leaders firmly rooted in the mainstream of the country. Bernie Sanders was the only avowed socialist in the crowd and his view of socialism is more of a strengthened safety net than a take over of the means of production. Instead, we heard inspiring words from Cory Booker, stories from Amy Klobuchar, and ideas from Pete Buttigieg. While only Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are on the ticket, any of the Democrats who ran could do the job of leading the country instead of dividing it.

In contrast, Republicans are on social media flailing about how terrible the country is. Instead of focusing on the history of racial discrimination laid bare by the death of George Floyd, they’re focused on the few remaining urban hotspots where antifa and anarchists are causing problems. According to them, Democrats are a bunch of left-wing socialists cheering on riots. Instead of looking for ways to reduce the spread and deaths of coronavirus, they’re claiming Democrats are trying to crash an economy that has already crashed. They are focused on keeping the country divided instead of looking for ways to bring it together.

The contrast between the conventions will be stark, just as it was in 2016. Democrats showcase competency, compassion, and tolerance. Republicans will put on a clown show lead by internet celebrities like Diamond and Silk. Donald Trump will make up new names for Biden and Harris and tell how bad the Democrats’ ratings were. He’ll scare his snowflake base with stories of Democrats rigging elections, immigrants taking jobs, and brown people committing crimes. And the GOP leadership will sit silent as he steers them to become a party of uneducated white people, free market ideologues, and the off-shoot of evangelical Christians who stand with racists and bigots instead of the Christ who stood with outcasts and the downtrodden.



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