Bush Team, Assemble! One of our rival blogs Jonesing for Blounts has the scoop. Jeb! is racking up endorsements from a bevy of prominent figures in NC politics. The Jeb team in North Carolina is being led by U.S. Congressman Patrick McHenry. Legislators on the Bush team: Senators Tom Apodaca, Brent Jackson, and Representative Charles Jeter. Their message: Jeb was a successful conservative governor, someone with the results and the record to match the rhetoric.

Is this potentially bad news for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who has had a difficult August? Most thought the NC legislature moved the date of the presidential primary to assist Walker’s bid. It deserves mentioning, of course, that these names represent only a handful of legislators and many more are still on the fence. And Pat McCrory sees himself as a North Carolina version of Scott Walker – if Walker’s campaign is still viable by the time the primaries start, he’ll find some friendly people here.

Good-bye Glazier. Rep. Rick Glazier, a respected legislator who has been in office for 13 years, resigns tomorrow to head the NC Justice Center. Glazier represents a somewhat competitive district in Fayetteville and local Democrats will be meeting this Saturday to name his successor. One name definitely in the mix: former Rep. Billy Richardson, the nominee last year against Sen. Wesley Meredith.

Pendleton-Bradshaw? Former Raleigh Mayor Tom Bradshaw might be back again. There have been reports, including from WRAL reporter Mark Binker, that Public Policy Polling is asking about a matchup between Bradshaw and Representative Gary Pendleton (House District 49 in Raleigh). Tom Bradshaw ran for State Senate last year and lost. It looks like he isn’t ready to retire from politics just yet.


  1. Vonna Viglione

    Look at that list…a rogues’ gallery if ever there was

  2. Radagast

    In The Hamptons (on Long Island) someone is putting out “Hillary For Prison” signs.
    I would amend Nortley’s proposal for that Constitutional Amendment to add: “No more Clintons, neither!”.
    Then, Hillary can move to Hawaii with girl friend Huma, and Bill can stay in Chappaqua with girl friend Julie McMahon.

  3. Mike Leonard

    Here’s a bumper sticker that will get a lot of attention: “Vote for Jeb! so he can finish the job his brother started!” (failed wars and a ruined economy)

  4. Radagast

    A modest proposal: A constitutional amendment that prohibits any more Bushes being eligible for the presidency. Who’s with me?
    I am, Nortley! Americans are sick and tired of the Bush-Clinton dynasty. We’re sick and tired of the mantra: “I should be elected because my name is (_______) fill in the blank.
    NOPE! It’s time for a change, and I believe it’s time for an “outsider” (As Mister Rogers used to say: “can you spell: Trump”)?
    How about a Trump-Carson ticket? Or a Trump-Cruz ticket? Or a Tooth Fairy-Monster In The Closet ticket? (Anything but Hillary Clinton)!

  5. JC Honeycutt

    OMG–McCrory a clone of Scott Walker?: no wonder he’s been acting like such an idiot. And here I thought he was just an incompetent with little or no actual governing experience; instead, he’s acting like an a**h*** on purpose. Fortunately (I guess), Pat isn’t much better at that than he is at governing.

  6. Nortley

    A modest proposal: A constitutional amendment that prohibits any more Bushes being eligible for the presidency. Who’s with me?

    • Vonna Viglione

      Sounds like solid public policy….And well deserved

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