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by | Nov 18, 2013 | Editor's Blog | 3 comments

Busking is playing music on the streets for tips. That’s basically what I’m doing but my music is my blog and my street is cyberspace. Today, after seven and a half months of blogging, I’m asking for your support.

Amanda and I started this blog in April in response to the disturbing direction the North Carolina legislature and Governor Pat McCrory were taking the state. At the time, the Democratic Party was in disarray and progressives needed more voices of opposition. We felt compelled to jump into the fray.

Since then, we have been overwhelmed by the response. More than 90,000 people have stopped by and viewed over 225,000 pages and made almost 1,000 comments. We’re proud and humbled. Thank you for reading and thanks for your feedback.

We believe that PoliticsNC has added an important voice in the political conversation in North Carolina. As 2014 approaches, I’m sure we will have more to say. Today, we ask for your support. This has been a labor of love, but it’s a lot of work and we have to feed our families. We hope you will support us.

Later today, I’ll do a post about the reader survey. More than 500 of you responded. Thanks. Then, over the next ten days or so, we’ll post new content but we’ll also post our Best of PoliticsNC 2013. We hope you’ll see something you missed or something that you enjoy reading again. If you do, give us a tip. We’ll be more than grateful and will continue to offer compelling content.

Instead of a telethon, we’re having a blogathon. We hope you enjoy it and we hope you will contribute. Thanks for reading PoliticsNC and thanks for your support.


  1. NitWitCharmer

    Yes. Thank you.

  2. nancy g. rorie

    I love your blog and I will be leaving a tip on a regular basis. I included your 50 Years of Democrats in a recent hard copy mailing and email message. A friend from Mecklenburg called and asked is she could copy it to pass out at a DW meeting. I frequently include a link to one of your posts in my “Sweet Union Democrats Report.” Thank you for all the good information.

    • Thomas Mills

      Thank you, Nancy.

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