Anybody who watched the debate on Tuesday night and believes Donald Trump is good for our country lacks the judgment to be anywhere near the levers of power. Trump’s display was embarrassing for us as a nation and disturbing, knowing that he’s in control of our nuclear arsenal. We need to restore dignity to the office of the presidency and have a leader with some degree of decency, empathy, and self-control.

In addition, people like Thom Tillis and Richard Hudson who know better need to be held accountable. They have enabled Trump’s worst instincts by sitting silent or defending him. Their unwillingness to criticize any of the president’s pathetic failings exposes them as cowards lacking any moral compass. They are more concerned with their own political futures than the wellbeing of the United States.

Tillis and Hudson are different than the likes of Dan Bishop or Madison Cawthorn. Bishop is little more than an opportunistic bigot who long ago sold any soul that he might have had. He supported the racist web site Gab and introduced the divisive and damaging Bathroom Bill. Cawthorn is just a twenty-something showboat with white nationalist tendencies who is caught up in his 15 minutes of fame. They will go along with whatever their party or base wants, promoting divisive, racist, or homophobic tropes. They lack the empathy to be in office. They are Trumpian in character and demeanor.

Tillis and Hudson, though, know better. Their younger selves would never have imagined standing with a man like Donald Trump. Tillis and Hudson both began their careers believing in public service and civic responsibility. They have lost their way and gone Washington, victims of their own political ambitions.

Tillis, Hudson, and Bishop all need to go. Cawthorn should never get near halls of power. Bishop lacks any moral authority and Tillis and Hudson have surrendered theirs. We need leaders who can put their own ambition aside and put the country first. Clearly, none of these candidates or incumbents has done either. Character matters and the GOP delegation lacks it.


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