There’s another poll that shows the Democratic advantage is holding in North Carolina. The Survey USA poll done for Spectrum News shows Democrats have an edge in the generic ballots for both Congress and legislature. It also shows that Trump is unpopular in the state while Roy Cooper has honeymoon-like approval numbers.

In the poll, the Democratic advantage in legislative races is most stark. Forty-four percent of the people say they would vote for a Democrat if the election were held tomorrow. Thirty-seven percent prefer a Republican. Independents choose a Democrat by a fourteen point  margin.

Those numbers look like the makings of a wave. Other polls have shown an enthusiasm gap that heavily favors Democrats. If the middle breaks for Democrats by double digits, and the GOP has even a slightly depressed turnout, Democrats will have a big night in November. There’s a long way to go and a whole legislative session to change those numbers, though.

In the Congressional ballot, Democrats have a much more narrow margin. Voters favor them by only three points, 44% to 41%. Still, the independents prefer a Democrat by nine points and the poll also shows a significant gender gap. Women prefer a Democrat by an eight point margin while men prefer a Republican by two. That’s a ten point gap. Women seem to be motivated this cycle.

Trump is still unpopular in the state with 50% of the people disapproving of his job performance, 43% approving. Republicans are sticking with their man with 82% approving. Independents, though, disapprove by 50% to 40%, again numbers that bode ill for the GOP in November.

Cooper, in contrast, enjoys a favorability rating of 49% approve to 26% disapprove. A majority of independents approve and even almost a third of Republicans do. Cooper certainly isn’t suffering from his battles with GOP legislature and will help Democrats in the fall.

If Republicans want to help Democrats even more, they should continue to work on rigging elections and denying people the right to vote for judges. Voters are clearly dissatisfied with a party that keeps playing politics while ignoring more pressing needs like underfunded schools. Republicans can go into the short session, pass a bunch of constitutional amendment designed to motivate their base and further alienate the independents they need to win.

While GOP crows about the strong economy, too few North Carolinians are enjoying the benefits of it. Wages are still low, even if unemployment is, too. Most people aren’t feeling the benefits of the much heralded tax cuts from the federal or state government so the GOP doesn’t have much to run on.

Democrats, for their part, need to stop talking about impeaching the president. If the election becomes too much about Trump’s survival, Trumpkins who might sit out the election could get motivated. Democrats should go into the election hammering the GOP for exploding the debt and deficit to pay for tax cuts that haven’t trickled down yet and probably never will.


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