12:59 – Roy Came out and declared victory. We’re headed to a recount. He’s in the stronger position. Roy has long been the top vote getter of North Carolina Democrats. He came though again. We think. Outside of the that it’s been a sad and dismal night for the party here in Raleigh.

We’re a divided state. And a divided country. And you should say a prayer for both before you hit the hay.

12:27- Right now Cooper is ahead by around 4,000 votes. The results look headed for a recount. We expect Roy to take the stage soon. What a night.

Democrats had a decent night in Wake County. It’s the rest of the state. The part of the state that isn’t a city they’ve got to figure out.

11:57 – Roy is on life support right now. But he’s still alive.

11:09 – Andrew Barnhill conceded in Wilmington. Chaz Beasley’s victory in the Charlotte suburbs produces a next generation leader for the Democratic Party. They’re going to need them. Their council of state slate got wiped out.

11:01 – The loudest cheers of the last two hours for Democrats in the room is when the results came in from Oregon, California and Washington. That’s what they’ve got left to cheer about.

10:50 – The lone bright spot outside of a couple legislative pickups (and perhaps Roy) is a good night for Mike Morgan.

10:48 – June Atkinson is down right now. That’s what kind of night it is for Democrats.

10:16 – MSNBC just projected Richard Burr to win North Carolina. A faint round of boos followed at the Marriott. Faint because the crowd is in the bar. They’re not sober. Or happy.

10:13 – Most folks have cleared out of the watch area and retreated to the bar, there is no fun there, only fear and loathing and booz. When the rest of Mecklenburg comes in, there will be a rebound for Democrats in North Carolina. But the worry is it won’t be enough for Clinton in NC. And Democrats could use a break nationally. – Also, don’t check the Dow.

9:50 – It’s going to be a long night. A LONG NIGHT.

9:16 – At this point Democrats are waiting on Meck, on Durham and on eastern counties from eastern North Carolina. They’re optimistic about Cooper, less so about Ross. The presidential will go into the night. They hope North Carolina won’t make the difference. At this point, it might.

9:05 – David Price is speaking now at the Democratic watch party. An hour ago there were cheers every minute or so, as Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire looked good for Secretary Clinton, Roy was up four in NC, and things looked great. Now, they just look good. And the spirit here is more subdued. We’re waiting on Mecklenburg County to come in. Cooper is in a decent position. But everything else important is down to the wire.

The Republicans look to be having a strong night in races for Court of Appeals. Morgan is up 54-45 so far over Edmunds for state Supreme Court (the biggest race you’re not thinking about). Feelings are mixed in Raleigh.

8:09 – So far the returns look fairly close to incoming expectations. Cooper has a small but stable lead. Clinton is up but it’s going down to the wire as is Ross and Burr. Josh Stein, Beth Wood, Berry, Troxler, Marshall and Atkinston look like they’re in for good nights. The treasurer’s race is tight. And Dan Forest may be the GOP hero of the night, and their next nominee for governor.

7:31 pm. Spotted at the Cooper watch party: David Price, Patsy Keever, Grier Martin, Rodney Moore. The mood is optimistic but nervous. There’s a feeling that Cooper will run the best out of the Democrats, Clinton behind him, Ross after that. It will take a strong night from Durham, Mecklenburg and Wake to get Ross over the top. Apparently the polls in eight Durham precincts and some on Columbus are staying open, which can only help.

It’s time for the polls to close everywhere else in North Carolina. Here we go. Be nice to your neighbors…and your Aunt on Facebook.

6:42 pm. We’re live here at the Marriott in Raleigh for the Democratic watch party, and perhaps the end of the world, as we know it. We’ll be live blogging the returns, updating from the Cooper/Ross/Clinton events in Raleigh, and trying to make sense of whatever the hell is happening.

The polls haven’t closed yet, so if you’re reading this and you haven’t voted yet: GO VOTE. But we know you’ve already early voted and you’re trying to avoid logging onto Facebook, to look at that.

So stay with us. We’ll try to get you though it.


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