Yesterday, Republican Rep. Chris Millis introduced a measure to begin impeachment proceedings against Secretary of State Elaine Marshall. The House Rules Committee voted to begin an investigation into allegations that Marshall illegally commissioned notaries of public who are not citizens. It’s nothing more than political bluster that was debunked during her re-election campaign last year. No state or federal law enforcement agency has suggested any wrong-doing on Marshall’s part.

Still, some people believe where there’s smoke there’s fire. But this time, there’s not even smoke. There’s just the hot air Millis is blowing out his ass. The Republicans on the Rules Committee but be wise to get their heads out of there.

So who is Chris Millis? We got a glimpse yesterday. While he was introducing his impeachment charges, a twitter account belonging to a group he leads called NC Conservatives PAC (@NCCPAC) was cheering him on and insulting other legislators. When House Minority Leader Darren Jackson was arguing against the resolution, the group tweeted, “Hey NC House Democrat Caucus…Maybe it’s time for a more Butch leader than @DarrenJNC. Clearly he’s failed. @priceyharrison perhaps?”

It got worse. When Republican Senate staffer Brent Woodcox rebuffed the tweeter, @NCCPAC responded, “Oh please girl. @DarrenJNC sounds like a faggy version of Truman Capote. You know it’s true. Get over yourself.” And finally, the twitter account attacked Woodcox for being overweight, calling him a “a huge fatass apologetic cuck pussy” and telling him to update his profile picture.

By 11pm or so the account was pulled down and Millis was trying to distance himself, claiming he had been hacked. This morning, though, a note on the account blamed a “volunteer” for the bad behavior.

Don’t buy it. Those tweets are a window into the soul of extremist elements of the Republican Party that Millis and his friends embrace. That “volunteer” shares their views and said out loud what the Millis wing of the GOP says in private. He wouldn’t have made those tweets if he didn’t think those sentiments were reflected by Millis and other members of the PAC.

And that’s not just any “volunteer,” either. That’s somebody who is around Republican politics or the General Assembly often enough to know what Brent Woodcox looks like. He’s an insider whose views are accepted by certain members of the GOP establishment, including almost certainly Chris Millis.

The tweeter is in no way representative of all Republicans. However, the party has turned a blind eye to such sentiments and even pandered to them at times. These are the people Hillary Clinton was talking about when she talked about “a basket full of deplorables.” At the very least, Chris Millis has tolerated a “volunteer” in his organization that clearly holds disturbing views. At worst, he shares those sentiments. Regardless, his colleagues should be very wary of jumping on his partisan bandwagons.


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