In the Thom-Tillis-has-no-shame department, the junior Senator from North Carolina penned an “op-ed” for Fox News yesterday. I put op-ed in quotation marks because the piece is little more than White House talking points put into a narrative format. Tillis certainly didn’t write it. He probably doesn’t even believe it. He’s just following orders. 

Somebody in the Trump administration is reminding Tillis of his past transgressions. His last national op-ed is what led to his current role as Trump house-elf. They’re never going to let him forget that Trump could have crushed him for his act of disobedience. And if he steps out of line, the president still can. 

How long ago March seems. Back then, Tillis was trying out the Trump skeptic role. He wasn’t too rebellious but he wanted voters to see that he had an independent streak. That backfired horrendously when he wrote an op-ed criticizing Trump’s plan to declare a state of emergency to get funding for his wall. The blow back from voters and the administration scared Tillis so bad that just a week or so after he published the piece in the Washington Post, he abandoned his principles and voted with the president. 

Trump’s been humiliating Tillis ever since and Tillis takes the abuse like a house-elf should. Like the creatures in the Harry Potter series, Tillis has found himself bound to the House of Trump. He’s now more loyal to the president than to the constitution or the people of North Carolina. 

Just last week, Trump reminded Tillis of his place in front of the a group of Republican Senators. Trump singled out Tillis, saying, “You didn’t like me at first, admit it. Admit it, you like me now.” Then he said Tillis calls all the time asking for money for North Carolina. Observers said Tillis looked “super uncomfortable” but not uncomfortable enough to recover his dignity. A week later, he was signing the administration’s Fox News op-ed. 

Like Tillis, North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows has also emerged as one of Trump’s chief defenders. Tillis, though, is more pathetic than Meadows. Meadows doesn’t know any better. He’s an intellectually challenged sycophant angling for a position with the grifters in the administration. Look into his eyes and you can watch the wheels turn.

Tillis, on the other hand, is a smart guy who has let personal ambition rule his life to the point of self-abasement. He’s put his political career ahead of any principles he might have once held. At a time when the country desperately needs leaders, he’s let himself become a house-elf in the House of Trump.  


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