Uh-oh! Everywhere Kay Hagan goes, she sees the Kochtopus. And we’re about to be seeing even more of this foul creature too, on television. The Susan B. Anthony List just made a $100,000 buy against Kay Hagan, attacking her for her support of “painful, late-term abortions.” $100,000 is not very much, so this could be something like a test run to see if the issue resonates.

Hagan campaign spokeswoman Sadie Weiner (no relation to this Weiner) noted that the ad is from “yet another Koch-affiliated group” and is just a “distraction” from Tillis’s dismal record on women’s health. It looks like it’s full-speed ahead on this whole attack-the-Koch-brothers thing. Modeled, of course, after the successful strategy in North Carolina demonizing Art Pope, which sparked a massive backlash against GOP lawmakers and led to Democrats taking back control of the General Assembly in 2012.

This whole Koch brothers thing just isn’t going to work. When people hear that your campaign is being funded by billionaires, or something, the reaction is: “So what?” You have to prove that these billionaires are really nefarious or something. Like they’re Nazis or something. That’s a whole lot of extra work for a political campaign. And it’s not like voters just hear “Koch brothers” and then dismiss whatever message they’re trying to disseminate. The message is still there, and unless it’s an outright lie it needs to be addressed.

Now, as for the ad itself … well, the story is amazing and everything. But the attack on Kay Hagan’s position seems like an afterthought. Also, what happened to negative ads with scary music and a foreboding narrator? Has research found that this no longer works or something? Also, just how many swing voters are out there who could be persuaded to vote against Kay Hagan based on abortion? It seems voters who really care about restricting abortions are already in the GOP tent. It could be an effort to mobilize Christian conservatives, or to shield Tillis from attacks on the same issue. And even if it doesn’t persuade anyone, it’s still a better strategy than going after the Koch brothers.


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