Yesterday, a Washington Post/ABC News poll showed Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 15 points. A Fox News poll has Trump trailing by eight. Given the state of the nation, those numbers make sense.

The Trump administration failed to enact a national program to combat the coronavirus and instead punted to the states, leaving more than 140,000 dead so far. Our borders are closed with all of Europe, Canada and, now, the Bahamas because of our failed response. As the nation reached a reckoning  point on race relations, Trump doubled down on his appeal to white supremacy. As protests over police brutality reach a breaking point, he’s unleashed government goons dressed in combat fatigues on the nation’s cities. They are literally scooping people off the streets and hauling them off in vans, like something out of a banana Republic.

According to the Fox News poll, only 40% of Americans believe Trump has “the judgment to serve effectively as president” while 53% believe he does not. Only 43% believe he has  “the mental soundness to serve effectively as president” while 51% believe he does not. In other words, a majority of people believe Trump is mentally incompetent to be President of the Untied of the United States.

In addition, people don’t trust him to handle the most pressing issues of the day. According the Washington Poll/ABC poll, they believe Biden could do a better job of handling the coronavirus by a 20 point margin. They also believe Joe Biden is better on crime and safety by nine points, despite Trumps attempt to focus the campaign on law and order. On race relations, they favor Biden by a whopping 25 points. The economy is the only issue where Trump leads Biden, and that’s only be two points and statistically insignificant.

On personal traits, Biden crushes Trump in the WaPo/ABC poll. By 14 points, voters think Biden is more trustworthy and honest. By 17, Biden “better understands the problems of people like you.” By 24, Biden “has the better personality and temperament to serve as president.” And also by 24, Biden “would do more to unite Americans rather than divide them.”

The picture in the poll is one of a country losing faith and confidence in its leader. There’s little doubt that the polls will tighten up between now and November. Events could change these numbers altogether. However, Trump’s temperament has become a serious liability. Outside of his base, he has lost trust of most Americans. They do not believe he is up to dealing with the pressing problems of the day.  Over the past month, he has lost significant support in the one place he had an advantage, the economy. He seems to be betting on law and order to restore support but even there, Biden has an advantage. For Democrats, November can’t come soon enough.  


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