While a victory for common sense and for the free exercise of religion, the Hobby Lobby case is also a boon for the Hagan campaign, which desperately needs to get women to believe they are being oppressed. It’s a bit of a stretch to call someone else not paying for your birth control ‘oppression’, but liberals have redefined the word in recent years, and the Hagan people need to do everything in their power to whip young, single, professional women into a frenzy.

To do so, they’re going to portray Tillis as a true Neanderthal who not only can’t understand the plight of women in this country, but is actively working to make their lives miserable. Did you know, for instance, that Thom Tillis believes the state has the right to ban contraception? He said so himself! And everyone knows that if someone believes the state has the right to do something, then the state should do it.

This whole birth control debate is a loser for Republicans. It can be made less of a loser if they realize what little the public understands about this issue, and where Republicans stand on it. They need to make it perfectly clear that they want to keep birth control legal and available to anyone who wants it. Over in Colorado, Senate candidate Cory Gardner has gone out of his way to support birth control being available without a prescription even to minors.

That’s probably a no-go in North Carolina because it would offend the Christian conservative base here. Instead, Tillis and Republicans need to make the distinction between having birth control legal and forcing employers to pay for birth control. Then he should talk about personal responsibility, a phrase that gets good reception everywhere. Just don’t overestimate the intelligence of the American voter. The vast majority of political junkies don’t understand the nuances of the Hobby Lobby debate, and neither do I. What hope, then, is there for those who aren’t paying attention? They just assume Republicans hate birth control and want to ban it, which plays right into the hands of the Left. Republicans need to get wise to this little game they’re playing and quit letting themselves be depicted as anti-women. And then they need to pivot to an issue that actually matters.


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