If I were Mark Harris’ attorney, I’d tell him to stop talking to the press. Every time the GOP candidate in the NC-09 election debacle goes on the record, he makes himself look guilty or stupid or both. He just reinforces the need for a more in depth investigation into the election fraud and what he knew. 

In the latest interview, he told Emery Dalesio of the AP that he considered filing a complaint after the 2016 primary when his opponent received an incredible 98% of the mail-in absentee ballots in Bladen County. Instead, he hired McRae Dowless, the guy who delivered the results, in his 2018 bid. In other words, Harris knew something was fishy in Bladen County but instead of reporting it, he decided to take advantage of it. 

The NCGOP keeps claiming there’s no evidence of any fraud or that Harris didn’t know anything about it if there was. Harris’ own words contradict that and his primary opponent, incumbent Congressman Robert Pittenger, stayed away from Dowless because of his shady reputation and methods. Maybe Pittenger should have protested after 2016, too, but at least he had enough sense to realize Dowless was trouble.

The picture that emerges from interviews with Harris is one of an ambitious, not very bright politician who is more concerned with winning than anything else. He was clearly ill-served by his consultants but he also seems to lack the judgment needed in a Member of Congress. Now, he’s either ignoring advice by continuing to talk to the press or he’s being ill-served again because he makes himself look awful every time he opens his mouth. 

Despite the claims of the GOP, there’s clear evidence of election fraud in the district. According to Harris himself, he knew the methods Dowless used were suspicious but he hired him anyway. He either has poor morals or poor judgment. Regardless, we really don’t need more people like that in Congress.


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