It looks like Governor Pat McCrory got the keys to his twitter account this weekend and took it out for a spin. On Saturday afternoon, McCrory tweeted, “Press always wants to psychoanalyze & categorize me and put me in a box. I’m focused on solving problems & rebuilding NC.” He managed to use “me” or “I” three times in a single 120 character tweet, so he’s clearly more focused on himself than anything else.

Besides sounding self-pitying and pathetic, it seemed to come from nowhere. Maybe it was a cry for help into the twitterverse from a struggling, ethically challenged governor with a victim complex. Maybe he just wanted to take another swipe at the press after launching his re-election campaign with an attack on the News & Observer. Who knows, but he clearly doesn’t understand twitter as a medium.

It brings back memories of Thom Tillis’ lonely tweets back in the winter of 2014 while he was still facing a primary. Back then, candidate Thom Tillis was putting up a bunch of silly tweets about how great he was and engaging in a bit of back-and-forth with twitter critics. It made him look less senatorial and showed his lack of understanding of twitter. After that episode, the campaign apparently took the keys away, but in the summer, he sneaked back in and got them. Maybe he just wanted to take his new souped up campaign for spin around the twitterverse as the GOP nominee. Regardless, they didn’t help his cause.

In the wrong hands, twitter is a dangerous tool. Clearly, Pat McCrory is not qualified to use it. Instead of bashing his nemesis, the press, he just exposed how self-absorbed he really is. Contrary to his tweet, nobody seems to be trying to psychoanalyze him, but tweets like this one sure bring questions about his emotional maturity.


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