I really hate this Kavanaugh confirmation process because it exposes the divide in this country and how both sides want a win at all costs. Both Democrats and Republicans have behaved poorly and the country will be worse for it. So here go my unpopular opinions. Something for everybody to hate.

First, I do not “believe the women.” I’ve spent enough time in enough places to know people lie, regardless of gender. They lie for all kinds of reasons. Some lie for personal gain. Some lie to get revenge. Some lie for notoriety. Some lie because they can’t help themselves. Consequently, accusations need substantiation.

That said, I believe Christine Blasey Ford. She was credible and has little to gain from lying other than notoriety which she clearly did not want. She firmly believes Brett Kavanaugh attacked her. The only way to corroborate her story is through a full-scale investigation and even that might not do it.

Even if Kavanaugh did assault Ford and doesn’t remember it for whatever reason, I think it’s legitimate to question whether someone should be held accountable today for what they did 36 years ago when they were seventeen. I believe people change and that life experience often makes people better and more aware. It’s one reason I oppose the death penalty in general and life without parole for young people.

I’ve also been around politics long enough to know that the Ford accusation came out when it did for political purposes. Democrats want to delay the confirmation process as long as possible. I don’t know if they expected the current situation, but they believed an investigation would take time and possibly sink the nomination. They should have figured out how to vet the situation much earlier, since holding it has led to both sides digging in their heels deeper.

I also believe Brett Kavanaugh lied during his testimony and intentionally misled when he didn’t outright lie. He said a bunch of football players identified themselves in their yearbook as “Renate Alumnius” to “show affection” and “it was not related to sex.” That’s BS of the highest order and his classmates said as much. He lied about “The Devil’s Triangle” being a drinking game and then went out of his way to imply that he was a moderate drinker. Numerous people from his high school and college days have described Kavanaugh as a heavy drinker who got belligerent. And the lies and misleading testimony go on and on.

His performance in front the committee showed a lack of judicial temperament and the partisan bias that has defined his professional career. He clearly sees Democrats as his enemy and believes in a broad left-wing conspiracy. This is a guy who has spent his entire life in the swamp that Donald Trump pledged to drain. He built his career playing hardball hyper-partisan politics in the Capitol and should never have been nominated for the highest court in the land.

Finally, Democrats need to disavow Michael Avenatti. He’s nothing but another narcissistic conman using other people’s stories to promote himself. He’s part of the cancer on our politics, an opportunist with nobody’s interest at heart but his own. I believe accusations should be heard, but if they come from him, they should be taken with a heavy grain of salt.

This whole confirmation process has exposed how divided we’ve become and how both sides have lost respect for values they once touted. Democrats are ready to believe the worst in any Republican nominee with little respect for due process. Republicans have abandoned their moral fortitude, supporting deeply flawed men who behave horribly and hold little regard for the truth.

We desperately need new leaders on both sides. The two people who have behaved best in this debacle deserve a new look. Republican Senator Jeff Flake reached across the aisle to slow down the process. Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar showed dignity and determination in her questioning of Kavanaugh. We need more leaders like them, regardless of their political philosophies.


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