The Mueller report finally dropped. The special counsel found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian agents or interests to influence the outcome of the election. Mueller also noted that while he did not find conclusive evidence of obstruction of justice on behalf of Trump, he didn’t find evidence to exonerate him, either. Attorney General William Barr, Trump’s man at Justice, announced he would not pursue an investigation into those accusations. 

Instead, the report uncovered a corrupt campaign machine full of grifters and liars. Almost all of Trump’s top campaign advisors not related to him are either in jail, going to jail or under indictment. The goal of the campaign was less about winning the presidency than cashing in on Trump and his vast network of people and organizations.

The investigation also revealed Trump to be an unabashed liar, but that’s been revealed almost every time he opens his mouth. He said he didn’t pay off porn stars but he actually did. He said he wasn’t negotiating a Trump hotel in Russia during 2016 when he actually was. His campaign committed campaign finance violations that sent his campaign manager to prison for seven years and his lawyer to prison for three. 

The investigation is a long way from over. Democrats in Congress get their turn next. We may not hear any more about collusion but we’ll hear plenty about the corruption that the investigation uncovered. Republicans who complain that the investigation should have been narrowed to just Russia are the same ones who cheered when an investigation into Bill and Hillary Clinton’s real estate deals led to impeachment over an affair. They don’t have a leg to stand on.  

Barr should turn over the whole report so we know what’s in it. Clearly, the Trump campaign was full of shady characters and shading dealings. Democrats should get back to the business on demanding to see the president’s taxes also. If anything shows the need for more transparency in this administration, it’s the Mueller investigation that uncovered a web of lies and deceit. The American people deserve to exactly how corrupt the administration is. 


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