Thom Tillis is throwing Donald Trump under the bus. He said this weekend, “The best check on a Biden presidency is for Republicans to have a majority in the Senate.” In other words, he’s acknowledging that Trump is likely going to lose. Elect Tillis to protect us from a COVID stimulus, better health care, and social justice. 

Tillis shows us again that it’s all about him. The man who went to the Senate promising to work across the aisle morphed into the most ardent of Trump supporters when the president threatened to support his erstwhile primary opponent. With the exception of Lindsey Graham, nobody did an about face faster or climbed up Trump’s ass farther than Thom Tillis.

For those of us with a better sense of ourselves, Tillis debasing himself was embarrassing. Tillis, though, showed that he has no shame. He will do or say anything to get elected. And that’s why he’s abandoning Trump now. 

But Tillis isn’t the only one. In Arizona, Senator Martha McSally, who once fashioned herself as a common sense moderate, went full-blown MAGA in an attempt to stay in the good graces of an unstable president. Now, as Trump tanks in Arizona, she refused to say whether or not she is proud of her support for him. 

Republicans sold their soul to Donald Trump for judges and tax cuts and now the bill is coming due. They can’t win without the support of Trumpers but they also can’t win if they lose the moderates that Trump is alienating. They are attempting to quietly sneak away from Trump while hoping that MAGA won’t notice. Democrats should not let them get away with it. 

The GOP put party before country and now they are about to pay the price. While Trump lied to the country about the pandemic, Republicans in Congress stayed quiet. As the death toll rose, they called for opening up society with no plan to protect people. They’ve ignored his antics and the rampant graft in his administration. They have enabled his bad behavior, bringing shame on both the office and our country. Now, the voters are about to cancel Trump’s bad reality TV show and it’s going to cost a lot of supporting actors their jobs.

Republicans are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship. Trump’s numbers have been falling ever since his taxes and COVID diagnosis. GOP control of the Senate is in serious jeopardy with the field expanding as vulnerable incumbents see their fortunes tied to the president’s. A “green tsunami” of smaller donors is giving Democratic campaigns an advantage over the corporate cash that Republicans are chasing.

Tillis began his shift a few months ago, praising Roy Cooper for his handling of the coronavirus and subtly rebuking the president for his inaction. Now, he’s in full retreat, telling voters that he’s a buffer against Biden when before he told them he was a vote in the Senate for Trump. MAGA should be made aware of his apostasy. Tillis and his colleagues have few principles other than political self-preservation.


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