Republicans have essentially abandoned running on any significant issues. They are resulting to desperate scare tactics, distractions, and voter suppression. Down-ballot Republicans are fleeing Donald Trump, trying desperately to put distance between themselves and a president who is off-the-rails. It might work, but probably not. Most indicators point to a significant blue wave that’s building quickly. 

Lindsey Graham in South Carolina is telling voters that if Democrats win the White House and Congress, they will enact policies that make the country unrecognizable. For many Americans, the country is unrecognizable today because of Trump and the GOP. “Socialism!” is the cry of mainstream conservatives, making them sound like Cold Warriors from the 1950s. On the legislative front, Mitch McConnell is killing any effort to pass COVID relief to make sure that passing bills that help Americans doesn’t get in the way of putting Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court. 

In North Carolina, the GOP’s closing argument in the Senate race is that Cal Cunningham had an affair. All of their ads and social media posts are focused on the Democrat’s sex life. Cunningham’s self-inflicted wound may be his undoing but people may also decide that issues like health care, COVID relief, and rising unemployment are more important. It’s difficult to make the case that character matters when your standard bearer is Donald Trump. 

Right now, Republicans are losing court cases across the country that would strip the right to vote from Americans. Still, the fact that one party is desperately trying to limit the right to vote is telling. Republicans clearly know that they are a minority party and their ideas don’t sit well with the American people. The Affordable Care Act is popular. Direct payments to families and businesses suffering from the pandemic is popular. Their massive tax cut for the wealthy is not popular. And the guy in the White House is clearly a drag on the ticket. Now wonder they don’t want people to vote. 

As I’ve said before, the rats are abandoning the ship. This past weekend, Texas Senator John Cornyn said that he “privately” disagreed with Trump on building the wall, tariffs and the like. In other words, he admitted that he’s a political coward and trying to save his own skin in what should be a safe Senate seat. Senator Ben Sasse blasted Trump on phone call constituents, showing that he, too, is a guy too cowardly to take a stand when it mattered. Republicans who have sat silent as Trump brought shame on the office of the presidency are suddenly finding their voices. Too little, too late. 

After four years of Donald Trump, the GOP has little run on. The most pressing concern of voters is the pandemic and they’ve failed to deliver anything. They are now in panic mode trying to scare voters. They warn of left-wing radicals but right-wing militia threaten armed insurrection. They want to focus candidates’ personal failings instead of Republicans’ legislative ones. They are in courts across the country trying to limit access to the polls because too many voters is bad for them. They are a party in retreat.  


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