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by | Aug 6, 2019 | 2018 elections, 2020 election, NC Politics, The Kovach Corner

In the wake of the tragic massacres in our nation over the weekend, one in El Paso, Texas, the other in Dayton, Ohio, most if not all Americans took a moment to reflect on the type of rhetoric and inaction that has brought us to this point in American history. I say most, because at least one person was busy pecking away at his keyboard.

Dan Bishop, architect of HB2 and congressional candidate in the NC09 race (the one where Republican operatives orchestrated a scheme to help Mark Harris in absentee votes, and which resulted in a do-over we now endure), spent his time complementing the new ads running on television.

The Bishop ads seek to link McCready, “Wrong Dan” in Bishop parlance, to the so-called “clowns” in Washington (again, in Bishop parlance).

While the ad hominem attacks against sitting members of Congress are not too much of a stretch in the vicious political climate of the day, the way he cites his work may raise a few eyebrows, at least for those voters still making up their minds in the election just a month away.

Here, Bishop calls AOC a clown for pointing out the nativist and unsettling calls to “Send them back” at Trump rallies, a chant the president himself at least purportedly finds unsettling.

He goes on, quoting several more tweets from prominent Democrats. Again, in the wake of two massacres within 12 hours of each other.

You can disagree with with some of the folks he links to in his threads on policy, but this strategy demonstrates the type of election Bishop is seeking to make the NC09 re-run: a circus.

While Dan McCready unrolls policies on education and health care, Bishop threads tweets like those listed above. The difference in the candidates could not be more stark, first names notwithstanding; McCready encapsulated it with this tweet Monday:


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