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by | Sep 10, 2013 | Editor's Blog, NCGov | 2 comments

Well, we finally know what Pat McCrory does well. He delivers a line. Watch his ad. You know, the one that’s not coordinated with his campaign? He delivers his lines flawlessly. I wish we could say the same about his promises.

In the ad, Pat McCrory is at a cocktail party with a bunch of old white people. He wanders through the crowd outlining all of his supposed accomplishments. He’s giving tax breaks that are creating jobs even though the unemployment rate is rising and people are leaving the workforce. He’s funding education at higher levels even though it’s lower than it was three years ago and per pupil spending is among the lowest in the country. He’s just making stuff up.

But really, we shouldn’t be surprised. That’s all he’s delivered–a bunch of lines. His promise not to restrict abortion was powerful, it just wasn’t true. His pledge to end cronyism sounded great on the campaign trail, but that was before giving inexperienced 24 year old campaign hacks $85,000 a year jobs.

But the most offensive line in the ad is, “We’re not just handing out checks anymore. We’re putting people back to work.” Ooof. That’s a gut-shot to anybody who lost a job during the recession and has been unable to find work since. For all his rhetoric, we didn’t hear a thing about a jobs program during this last session of the General Assembly.

To hear McCrory tell it, he’s been leading they way, fighting leaders in both parties and winning. But we all know the real deal.  He got rolled by a legislature that treated him like a mild inconvenience. Contrary to what the ad says, if he had really “stepped on their toes,” they’d have broken his legs.

It’s easy to pick on the governor, though. He’s a guy short on substance and long on style who has trouble with the truth. He’s the opposite of our state motto, “To be, rather than to seem.” But he can sure deliver his lines.


  1. NCBlue

    The problem in NC is not all that different from the rest of the country. Older whites are being fed a steady diet of hate and lies. So instead of going after the problems these older white Americans buy hook line and sinker the mantra the government is the problem. They are told they will get lower taxes, a false promise at best and at worst an outright lie. They are taught to hate the poor woman on food stamps trying to feed her kids and to worship the big businesses who are on the government dole to the tune of trillions of dollars. In other words while the ignorant complain about the few pennies coming out of their pockets from the front door, out the back door, trillions are being handed out in back rooms and boardrooms . Instead of going after those who are greedy and will stop at nothing to rip off America, these older whites are told to hate Unions, that they are the bad guy. No this is a nationwide problem. How do you educate those who do not want to be educated.

  2. willard cottrell

    He’s very good at selling his SHIT as Hebrew National Hot dogs – and the well educated NC voter buys it hook, line and sinker

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