For better or worse, politics never ends. Parties are always on the lookout for a new leader, a new hope. And Democrats have one at the Justice Department. Attorney General Stein gives every impression of being a great leader.

A Chapel Hill native, he has a finely attuned sense of the state’s voters. He calibrated his campaign to excite core, urban support while attracting cultural conservatives. Running against an odious bigot, he took a vigorous anti-HB2 stand. This position was popular throughout much of the state. But he also made clear that violent crime was a problem and he intended to solve it. And his earlier career was marked by a hostility to video poker corporations–which offend evangelical sensibilities while exacting a heavy toll from the poor.

Stein’s political adroitness is accompanied by a hardheaded determination. After taking office, he came out swinging for his values. One couldn’t go anywhere without seeing him stump for opioid relief. At the same time, he fought the Trump administration on the travel ban, student-loan abuses and other outrages. His next step: To continue his long-standing fight against the nuisance of telemarketing.

Which leads to another strength: His warrior’s temperament. While compromising when prudent, Stein knows what he believes and he fights hard. He doesn’t shrink from fights that matter. When Boss Berger dropped the hammer, Stein didn’t flinch. This served as a sharp rebuke to someone who’d like  dictate everything.

Stein will do a fine job in the Attorney General’s office. His next moves are up to him. But it appears that he has a bright future indeed.