Mixed in the pork from the North Carolina GOP’s 2018 budget is a line item giving $1 million to an equestrian center in Polk County. That’s a big horse arena to host shows for wealthy owners from across the country. Among the owners are members of the Mercer family.

Who? you ask. Robert Mercer and his daughter are the billionaires who underwrite Breitbart, financially support Donald Trump and other Republicans, and were instrumental in sending Steve Bannon to the White House. His wife and another daughter are partners in the group of millionaires and billionaires building the $100 million luxury resort in Tryon. Now, it seems taxpayers are also they’re partners.

At a time when the Republican-led legislature tells us we don’t have money for more schools or paying teachers more money, they find it to subsidize billionaires who support Republican candidates and campaigns. That sure looks like pay-to-play to me. Regardless, it’s the type of sleaze Republicans ran against before they took power and are engaged in now that they’ve got it.


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