A friend noted that by removing Silent Sam’s pedestal, Carol Folt changed the facts on the ground. In other words, the debate is no longer about whether or not to take Sam down, but whether or not to put him back up. I suspect he’s down for good. 

The neo-Confederates exerting unprecedented influence on the Board of Governors and the Republican Party in general have lost. If the BOG decides to put Sam back in place, they will be erecting a monument to white supremacy. The move will further damage the state’s reputation, much like HB2 has done, and likely spur another boycott of the state. I doubt the Republicans in the legislature want to own that issued heading into 2020.

Sam’s gone. Carol Folt made the right decision, even if she was a bit late. The Board of Governors will continue to be an embarrassment to the state. That is all.


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