As the impeachment of  Donald Trump nears, North Carolina Members of Congress will play a central role. Congressman Mark Meadows from western North Carolina is one of Trump’s chief defenders. Senator Richard Burr, as chair of the Intelligence Committee, will oversee much of the Senate investigation into the matter.

Meadows, for his part, is little more than a toady. He’s former chair of the supposedly conservative Freedom Caucus, but he’s one of those who has redefined conservatism to mean whatever Trump says or does. He railed against the debt and deficit until Trump passed his budget-busting tax cut for the rich. Now, Meadows doesn’t care about fiscal responsibility. He was a big free-trader until Trump decided trade wars and tariffs were the way to go. Now, Meadows supports anti-free trade policies. 

There’s not much conservative about Meadows anymore except his anti-immigration status but there’s never been much bright about him, either. He believes the earth is 6,000 years old which means he’ll believe just about anything. Today, he believes anything Trump tells him to. 

As for Burr, he’s more of an honest broker. He doesn’t possess the intellect of a Sam Ervin, but he doesn’t lack as much gray matter as Meadows, either. Burr says this is his last term in the Senate. If that’s true, and I’ll believe it when I see it, he could be one of the more independent Senators. He’s got nothing to gain by debasing himself like Thom Tillis and Lindsey Graham, who are reliant on Trump supporters for their re-election. 

Don’t expect anything from Meadows. He’s predictably dim. He doesn’t have a legitimate thought in his brain and will just toe the Trump line. Call Burr, let him hear from you. If he’s really leaving the Senate after this term, his legacy is at stake. He could go down as one of the Republicans who stood up to corruption and political pressure to do what’s right for the country. There will be a few.


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