Remember that part in the Harry Potter series when all of the Death Eaters started to reveal themselves again? They’d been in hiding for years since Voldemort had been defeated sometime in the distant past. With the return of the Dark Lord, as they called Voldemort, they felt empowered enough to show their true allegiances again. 

That’s what’s happening in the GOP today. Donald Trump’s election was the sign of the Dark Mark. Last week, thousands of emails revealed the white nationalist sympathies of presidential advisor and Duke graduate Stephen Miller. Prior to his stint in the White House, he had ties to numerous racist organizations. In the past, he would have been run out of the West Wing on a rail. Today, he’s protected by Trump and Republican Members of Congress who sit silent. 

Before that, it was conservative media darling Michelle Malkin. She is openly embracing anti-Semitic and white nationalist commentators while blasting any of her critics. This week, a conservative organization cut ties to her because of her views. We need to see more of that.

Increasingly, the racist wing of the Republican Party is publicly revealing its true colors because it believes it’s safe to do so. They know the president won’t call them out. They also know that more elected Republicans who might find them repugnant lack the courage to their convictions. In essence, they have the cover of one of the two major political parties in the country. 

In Harry Potter, the Death Eaters were enabled and strengthened by wizards and witches who either denied their existence or excused their transgressions. Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge empowered the Death Eaters by consistently ignoring evidence of their return. Likewise, Republicans across the country have set the stage for the return of Jim Crow era attitudes that too many people thought were gone. 

The problem today is less the white nationalists and anti-Semites than the elected Republicans who sit quietly while they rant. But even more significantly, it’s the conservatives who will condemn the racist language and individuals, but not their enablers. It’s not enough to call out Stephen Miller or Michelle Malkin. Conservatives need to call out elected leaders like Thom Tillis and Mitch McConnell for their silence. The Millers and Malkins thrive because of the tacit approval of people in power. If leaders aren’t criticizing them, then they are empowering them. 

So, Republicans, don’t support Cornelius Fudge. Call him out now. Otherwise, it won’t end well for anybody.


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