Well, guns are back in the news. A 12 year old boy in Nevada took a gun to school, killed a teacher and wounded two classmates before killing himself. It’s a tragedy.

In Morrisville, the town council voted to allow guns on playgrounds in order to comply with state laws. Members disagreed with the law but felt compelled to uphold the legislation. Gun owners argue that playgrounds are safer with guns.

And finally, Renee Ellmers reported that an AR-15 was stolen from her unlocked garage. Gun rights activists love the slogan, “When gun are outlawed, only outlaws will own guns.” In Ellmer’s case, the slogan should be, “When irresponsible people own guns, they arm outlaws.”

The U. S. has the highest number of gun deaths per capita among developed nations. We’ve also decided we’re not willing to do anything about it. That’s a shame.

In North Carolina, we’ve decided the answer to reducing gun violence is to make guns more accessible and more prevalent. These new laws fly in the face of both research and common sense. But that’s the problem with the gun debate. It’s based on emotion, not logic.

After Sandy Hook, most people thought that the country would take some action to protect our children. We didn’t. Instead, we relegated school shootings to page 3 of the morning news.


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