Tillis is turning down the crazy

by | Jun 19, 2013 | Issues, NC Politics, NCGA, NCGOP, US Senate, Voting Rights

In their determination not to look like total nuts, a few Republicans have slightly watered down their party’s agenda. The most prominent of them, of course, is shameless careerist Thom Tillis. Now, WRAL reports Sen. Neal Hunt is in on the game with a plan to have the DMV give ID’s to a select few voters. They’re not fooling anyone.

It’s fitting that Tillis and Hunt pinpointed voter ID as the subject of their charade. That’s because voter suppression is the issue where “reasonable” Republicans walk the thinnest tight rope. On one side of the abyss, there lurks a retrograde racial prejudice that, if exposed, would repel independents. Looking down to their right, establishment Republicans see the writhing, Charybdis-like mouth of the Tea Party monster eager to gobble them up. Thus, our heroes must improvise ways to justify the policy without telling the truth.

But the truth will come out. People will wonder why, if Tillis doesn’t see voter fraud as the problem, he’s pursuing a policy the rest of his party claims should keep the low-lifes from cheating at the polls. Hunt’s constituents will remember that he wanted to punish college voters before he proposed assisting handicapped ones. And why can’t we just provide ID’s to everyone?

What goes around, comes around. GOP leaders reaped the whirlwind for sponsoring a bunch of wingnuts and turning them loose on the state’s dignity. Even now, they’ve put some of their agenda on hold after sober voices advised them to stop. By 2014, Tillis and Hunt’s extremism will be unmasked, because Americans can spot a fake.



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