I will go out on a limb and suggest that Larry Pittman does not actually think Lincoln was akin to Hitler. I will go further out on that limb and contend that he doesn’t really want abortion doctors to be publicly hanged. And finally, clinging to the branch by my finger tips, I will even insinuate that there’s a part of Pittman that knows Common Core is not a Fifth Column.

I say this because Larry Pittman is not merely an extremist, he is a troll.

None of his legislation remotely serious. Some “crazy bills” represent the genuine intent of deluded wingnuts, such as Austin Allran’s attempt to enforce domestic non-bliss. But Pittman has been at this long enough to know better. Even someone with his rather eccentric understanding of the Constitution must know that the Establishment Clause is inviolate. And the same goes for judicial review. By introducing these bills, Pittman is trying to piss people off and cause headaches for leadership.

As the saying goes, there are workhorses and show horses. But Pittman doesn’t quite fit the profile of the latter. A true show horse seeks to communicate a principled message. Think Ted Cruz, or Dan Forest at the state level. Pittman is more like an r/Trump “provocateur” with no serious principles, and a ravenous appetite for spiting his enemies.

Does that excuse any of his behavior? No. Should he be kicked out of the Republican caucus? Yes. Should he resign? As of yesterday. Should he be taken seriously? Not in a million years.