No, President Trump is not going to move or cancel the election. Congress is not going to allow that. Even Republicans will oppose it. Still, the sentiment is widely accepted by the GOP: rig elections to benefit Republicans.

We’ve been front and center in the attempt to alter election rules to benefit Republicans. The GOP gerrymandering rendered veto-proof majorities in the state legislature and a 10-3 Republican split in our Congressional delegation despite an evenly divided state. With that unconstitutional control in the legislature, the GOP went on to pass laws that limited access to the ballot in what was considered the most egregious voter suppression bill in the country.

With coronavirus ravaging the nation and the country entering into a recession of epic proportions, be prepared for a more concerted effort to shape the vote. Trump’s attack on the postal system is, at least in part, due to the likely proliferation mail-in voting. The new postmaster general, Louis DeJoy (whose wife Aldona Wos screwed up DHHS here in NC), is purposefully slowing down delivery of the mail. It’s an age old conservative tactic: Break the agency and demand it needs cutting.

Already, we’ve seen the long lines that faced voters in places like Wisconsin and Kentucky because of reduced polling places. Don’t expect that to change. Fortunately, the tactics Republicans are employing may be suppressing their own people. Especially with COVID-19, older voters may be less likely to vote in person. If the GOP forces them to stand in long lines with lots of other people, they may choose to stay home.

Evidence of a Democratic wave continues to build. Democratic candidates across the country outraised their Republican challengers. In North Carolina, the requests for mail-in ballots are coming disproportionally from Democrats and unaffiliated voters. As the momentum builds, expect Republicans to push back in the only way they know how: suppressing the vote.

Democrats have proven that the best remedy to voter suppression is organizing. Nothing motivates Americans like threatening their rights. Just like the NRA and gun rights groups get their base out by telling them their 2nd Amendment rights are under threat, progressives motivate their base by telling them Republicans want to keep them from voting. We’ve witnessed people standing in rain and ridiculously long lines to cast ballots. The harder the GOP tries to suppress the vote, the more determined Democrats will be to show up.  


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