Ushering in the crazy parade

by | Jun 24, 2013 | NC Politics, NCGA, NCGOP, NCGov

PPP recently pointed out that Pat McCrory’s approval rating is trickling down month by month. Mainly, his numbers declined because Democrats defected, eroding his cross-over support. In the latest poll, McCrory’s approval among independents remains solid–for now. It cannot last.

So far, McCrory’s depended upon distancing himself from the General Assembly, and for that matter everything else. That was a good move. Even though most people don’t pay attention to state government, Republican legislators’ approval ratings among independents stand at a grisly 35%-49%. In the 919 area code, where local media covers the legislature extensively, voters despise the legislative GOP–33% positive to 57% negative. Although his numbers are worse than elsewhere, McCrory has weathered the storm somewhat in this region.

But, political style aside, McCrory has served as an usher for the crazy parade, and that fact will surface very soon. Austin Allran didn’t sign the unemployment cuts into law. Rather, McCrory should and must bear the consequences of his callousness.

When the cuts hit, Democrats shouldn’t let up. Even the administration knows a backlash is coming. This is the time to expose his ideology. He can’t hide it anymore. Let’s not let him.



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