Yesterday, the North Carolina GOP held a press conference to announce, “You know all that noise we made about election integrity for the past decade? We were just kidding.” Instead, they’re advocating to seat a candidate who knowingly hired a convicted felon with prior allegations of election fraud to oversee his mail-in ballot GOTV program. 

After initially admitting that the race is in the 9thCongressional District was so tainted that we need a new election, the North Carolina Republican Party has done a 180 and demands that the tainted results stand. They will be in court today arguing that Mark Harris, the Republican candidate in that race, should be certified despite his role in hiring McRae Dowless, the man who appears to have engaged in illegal ballot harvesting. But really, are positions and principles anything more than just words? 

The GOP in the age of Trump is a party willing to say anything to win and nothing is really sacred other than winning. Just look at Senator Lindsey Graham. The man who used to parrot the late Senator John McCain’s stands on principle, now parrots Donald Trumps assault on democratic institutions. Either everything he said about Trump and integrity were lies or everything he says now is. He can’t have it both ways. 

As the GOP drops its principles and values in favor of Trump, it’s becoming an increasingly isolated party. In a Marist poll out this morning, Republicans remain solid in their support of the president while every other group is abandoning him. Only 37% of independent voters approve of Trump while 57% disapprove including 44% who strongly disapprove. Only one in four independent women support him. Support for Trump among Democrats is virtually nonexistent.

Honesty and integrity are no longer values of the Republican Party. They’ve been replaced by winning at any cost. The NCGOP will demand the courts seat an ethically challenged candidate because investigating the fraud he and his campaign might have perpetrated is less important than winning the Congressional seat. They’ll stand by the president as he lies and lies. And they’ll continue to try to rig the election system to hold power as their popularity and support wanes among everyone in the country who doesn’t identify as Republican.  


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