Wos loss?

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Well, if the rumors swirling around Raleigh are true, Aldona Wos, Secretary of Health and Human Services is gone. If so, it looks like the McCrory administration waited for a Friday afternoon news dump, hoping people are distracted by the weekend. Regardless, the political establishment will take notice and Pat McCrory, who has stood by the embattled Secretary, will have yet another black eye.

But if the rumors aren’t true, they sure should be. Wos has made a mess of the department. She never understood the role of an administrator. She ran off most of the professional staff and brought in political hacks and ideological soul mates with little or no experience in health, human services or administration.

Instead of taking responsibility for her actions or those of the department, she blamed other people. She avoided the press and at one time said she was opposed to transparency. Several times, Wos tried to alter the truth and when she was caught, never explained or apologized. In her appearance before the legislature, she left members of both parties unsatisfied with her answers.

And it doesn’t help that she comes off as arrogant, condescending and elitist. Not a good combination in politics.

But for all her problems, McCrory stood by Wos. Nobody in either party knows exactly why. Some people think it’s her money. Others say he has an intense personal loyalty. Still other say he’s scared of her.

Who knows. But her biggest sin was hanging her boss out to dry. When salary-gate broke, Wos wouldn’t respond to the press leaving McCrory to defend the indefensible. He lied to cover up her stupid hires, saying that the two campaign hacks beat out more experienced people for jobs when, in reality, nobody else was considered. He should have fired her then, but since he didn’t have the backbone, she should have stepped down. With each of her mistakes, McCrory came out to defend her even as his poll numbers sank.

The whole debacle has been a sorry episode. If she’s done, it’s McCrory’s second cabinet  secretary to go in less than a year. We still don’t why Kieran Shanahan left, but there won’t be much question about Wos. She was inexperienced, incompetent, ideological and arrogant. She had no business there in the first place. And that is Pat McCrory’s fault.

Here at PoliticsNC, we’ve been documenting Secretary Wos’s missteps and misdeeds. Click here to read her history at DHHS.


  1. Julius Cromwell

    It is incredible and unconscionable that she has lasted this long, especially since legislators from both parties have asked for her resignation. Let’s hope the rumor is true.

  2. Blueliner

    Good call, Thomas.

  3. William A. Franklin

    First, McCroney will not ultimately make the new appointment, he will seek direction from Gov Pope Art. And yes, she will go, she has far too badly shat upon the Teabillies. Good call Thomas. The bad, bad smell has even penetrated the rightwing idiots in Raleigh. They will once again go for another political hack with lots of money.

    • Nora

      Come Observer! Where are your reporters?

  4. Beth Rogers Amos

    Wos was simply hiring McCrory cronies at his instruction. She will take the fall for the public’s reaction. Both of them are self serving power seekers.

  5. Kathy Comer

    I’m actually afraid Gov. PopeMcCrory will appoint someone worse.

  6. It's a wrap

    From your lips…

  7. James Protzman

    Little Ricky says it ain’t happening.

  8. sourcessay

    Nothing yet in the press…are y’all jumping the gun here?

    • Thomas Mills

      Just reporting the rumor mill and reminding folks about the Wos legacy at DHHS.

  9. mikennc

    Wonder what HER severance package will be? Two years pay plus benefits?

  10. Doug Roach

    “Privatizing” government functions with ideologues does have it’s travails.
    The consequences of this alleged doctor running a major department in Rally will be felt for many months to come.
    I do not envy her successor.

  11. Joan McAllister

    Oh please, please, please. My former coworkers need a break. Appoint Sherry Bradsher to run the place until they get someone competent to work with her.

    • Doug Roach

      It’s my understanding, Joan McAllister, that Ms. Bradsher has been in charge of the NCFACT debacle. Is that the case?
      If so, would expanding her responsibility be in the best interests of the people?

      • Beth Rogers Amos

        You are correct. Sherry has been a leader in the NCFAST fiasco for years, yet she was promoted by Wos to Deputy Secretary. Another bad hire.

  12. DNelson

    I hope it’s true. About time. It will be interesting to see who her replacement will be and whether or not the applicants/prospects will be evaluated on their experience or on their political/financial affiliations.

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