Today, I’ve read several articles that I believe are worth sharing. Instead of a blog, I’m going to post them. They are worth your time. I encourage you to take time to read them. 

First up, an article about how we remember history. It centers on a fight almost 200 years ago and addresses the debate raging today about history and heritage. It also combines a brief history lesson with a personal journey. It’s titled “Statues and Fields: Thoughts on our national fight over how we remember, and what we forget.”

Next up is a profile of Republicans in North Carolina. The article looks at a few prominent leaders who have left the party, but have not abandoned their values. It’s an NPR story title, “GOP defectors won’t necessarily leave Republican candidates in NC.”

Finally, The Atlantic has an article that discusses how the internet has harmed the public debate and what we can do about it. Annie Applebaum and Peter Pomeransev make the case that technology has interrupted the our national unity before but we’ve overcome the division caused by technological disruption. It’s very relevant to those feeling helpless and hopeless about the state of our national dialogue. It called “The internet doesn’t have  to be awful.” 

I hope you read these articles and get as much out of them as I did. Some days, I feel more like reading than writing. Today is one of them. 


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