About PoliticsNC

PoliticsNC is a blog and news site developed by political consultant Thomas Mills with the creative and technical support of Amanda Underwood. Our goal is to provide a reasoned voice in the political debate at a time when throwing rocks and calling names is far more popular. That said, some targets are just too easy.

Our focus is North Carolina, though we may occasionally wade into national affairs. Since we launched in April 2013, PoliticsNC has become one of the state’s most influential political news sources. The blog or Mills were cited more than 60 times by the national media during the 2014 election cycle, helping to shape the national media’s perception of North Carolina politics. In addition, we provided in depth analysis of state legislative races that was not found anywhere else during the election.

Our goal is to provide at least one new blog post per day by our primary bloggers, Thomas Mills and John Wynne. We will periodically post guest blogs and may to try develop additional writers to keep our content fresh. We hope you enjoy the site and appreciate your feedback.


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