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Oh, Senator Rucho, you silly little man. the Governor’s lies. First, you’re claiming JFK was a Tea Partier, now you’re claiming Obamacare is worse “then (sic) the swords of Nazis, Soviets and terrorists combined.”

I get that you were trying to pander to your wing-nut base but twitter is the wrong way to do that. You see, ANYBODY can see your tweets, not just your nutty amen chorus. And in that statement you managed to offend almost everybody else.

Let me explain the difference. The Nazis, Soviets and terrorists of all sorts intentionally killed millions of innocent people, including children, because of their beliefs or heritage. Obamacare is a policy, not yet implemented, designed to provide health care to as many people as possible. Even if Obamacare fails and doesn’t provide coverage but drives up the cost of health care, it’s not anything remotely like mass murderers.

Maybe you were drinking while tweeting. There were a lot of games on yesterday and by 8:00 pm, you could have worked up quite a buzz. Or maybe, as one person suggested, we are watching your mental disintegration. I don’t think so. I think we just watched a smug, narcissistic loose cannon make a fool out of himself.

Democrats are certainly not immune to making stupid, over-the-top comments, but Republicans and their supporters have been making some doozies the past few weeks. In addition, Rucho’s absurdities, Megyn Kelly said Santa Claus is white and numerous right-wingers condemned Nelson Mandela as a terrorist and communist, even though the cold war ended 25 years ago, and Mandela is widely recognized as a leader who worked to bring people together instead of dividing them.

GOP leaders need to start reigning in their right flank or risk looking like they’re tolerating extremists and fools. Particularly on race, Republicans have a problem. They need to do more than just condemn racism; they need to root it out. Sharply rebuking the Bob Ruchos and Megyn Kellys of the world would be a good start.

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  1. Deb McLean (@divadeb99)

    Louisiana Governor Jindal is coming to NC for a fund-raising dinner co-hosted by Gov Pat McCrory for Congressman McHenry. I strongly suggest he pack his “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt

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