Best little whorehouse

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Editor's Blog, NC Politics, NCGov | 2 comments

Well, McCrory and company are at it again. The Governor is at an exclusive resort in Greensboro hobnobbing with the big donors whose money is keeping him afloat. And this time he’s offering up his cabinet secretaries and advisors to the money people.

Prostitution comes to mind. It reminds me of the scene in the Godfather when the Corleones are moving into Las Vegas. Fredo and Moe Green are waiting for Michael and the New Yorkers in a room full of show girls. But in this scene, Michael’s not going to run off the girls.

Instead, McCrory arrives at an event with a group of people he needs to impress and pimps out his cabinet for their pleasure. Or maybe the Madam is the shady Renew North Carolina Foundation and McCrory is just another one of its whores.

Can’t you see it? “Hey, Art. Let me introduce you to James. James is feeling a little uneasy about those tax proposals. See if you can help him relax a bit.”

The rich folks and special interests will have their way with the McCrory administration and then run hundreds of thousands of dollars in TV ads to shore up his falling polling numbers. While Democrats were no angels, they never came close to the audacity of this bunch. Government is for sale and if you don’t like it, tough titty.

It’s especially disturbing in light of McCrory’s promises to end cronyism and increase transparency in Raleigh. Instead, he’s taken cronyism to new heights and created his own new class of insiders. McCrory is unabashedly trading inside information for big bucks. And he’s doing it in the dark. So much for transparency.

Money is a fact of life in politics and not too many laws have successfully curbed it. But we can have transparency, a promise candidate McCrory made and Governor McCrory breaks. He’s obviously betting that money, not honesty and openness, can overcome his credibility problem. If his deep-pocketed buddies continue to run unanswered ads on his behalf, he may be right.

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  1. Pat Poston

    I’m no bluenose. I’m a lifelong liberal Democrat. I’m against virtually everything the GOP governor and legislature have done and stand for. But I am repelled by the raw ugliness of this commentary, think it goes too far, and hate the cold sexist analogies to women as whores being pimped out for the “pleasure” of big donors who, if you extend the analogy, are men. Judging from the tone of the piece, I have no expectation you will fathom why women would find it offensive, and that’s tough titty.

  2. Mary Melton

    No wonder he had to “renovate” those bathrooms and add some fancy outdoor firepits. How can you invite big donors over when you have strange “odors” eminating from the inner confines of your whorehouse?
    I get the feeling McCrory knows he is a one term governor and is going to make the time he has as profitable to him and his cronies and as damaging to the State of NC as possible.

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