Big News on the Senate Front

by | Feb 14, 2013 | Carolina Strategic Analysis, Features

This morning Roll Call reported two big developments in the North Carolina Senate race. For one, it seems like Cherie Berry is actually considering a run. Two, a spokesman has reported that George Holding is NOT running and will instead seek a second term in the House.

Holding could always change his mind. But as a freshman in the House, he might be a little too ripe for the Senate. As Montana’s Rick Berg showed last year, voters are not always keen on electing one-term representatives to the Senate. Holding also has a lot of debt from his last campaign, and may have decided that a Senate run would be very risky – after all, there’s no guarantee that he would beat Hagan, or even be the Republican nominee. So in my opinion, it’s a wise move on his part. And there’s always 2016.

As for Cherie Berry, I still don’t think she’ll run. I’m actually surprised that she’s considering it in the first place, instead of shooting down the idea right off the bat. Republican consultant Marc Rotterman seems to agree, noting her mediocre fundraising.

Still, with Cherie Berry at least mulling over the idea, I’m adding her to my “potential Senate candidates” list, and taking George Holding off. We’ll be providing near-instantaneous coverage of the 2014 race, so for the latest developments, stay tuned!


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