Branding Problems, Part II: The Bully State

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“I’m the Senator. You’re the citizen. You need to be quiet.”

State Senator Tommy Tucker (R-Waxhaw)

“You’re OK with (drug users) getting federal dollars if they’ve had a doobie and get the munchies and need more food stamps? Sit down.”

Sen. Tucker, again


Sen. Tommy Tucker has become the poster boy for legislative arrogance. He’s rude and dismissive of anyone who disagrees with him. On his Facebook page, he’s turned off comments because he doesn’t want to hear what people have to say to, or about, him. And he likely doesn’t care. Tucker is in a Republican district so safe that he had no opponent in 2012.

Tucker is only voicing what many legislative Republicans are feeling. Sen. Neal Hunt gave a metaphorical “Sit down down and shut up” to Wake County county voters when he had Big State Government take over the redistricting of the Wake County School Board. And we see the same thing when the legislature wades into local disputes by redistricting municipal districts and taking over municipal assets. Republicans who complain about a Nanny state are instituting a Bully State that tolerates no dissent and has little respect for municipal control.

After the state religion debacle, Republican leaders reeled in their lunatic fringe but they’ve had little to say about Big Government arrogance. Tucker’s outburst got national attention. So now, the GOP is shifting our image from Mississippi crazy to Big Government Mean.

Pat McCrory came into office saying North Carolina’s brand had been tarnished under Democratic control. Under Republicans, it’s just plain broken.

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  1. Thomas A.

    If you don’t like what he has to say, start a recall.

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