DCCC Pulls the Plug on Kissell

by | Sep 21, 2012 | Carolina Strategic Analysis, Features


It seems like the word “triage” is starting to reenter the political parlance as we come nearer and nearer to election day.  Unfortunately for Larry Kissell, it seems like he’s the first one to be axed.  The DCCC has started pulling advertising from the 8th congressional district, which was made heavily Republican through redistricting.

While it’s only for one week, this certainly isn’t a good sign for Kissell.  The DCCC’s internal polls must show the same thing that Kissell’s Republican challenger Richard Hudson is seeing – Hudson is consistently up by a couple points, before he has aired any commercials on his behalf.

While the DCCC’s decision is a setback for North Carolina Democrats, Kissell’s loss has been pretty much a foregone conclusion for some time.  The GOP redistricting from last year made the 8th district much more Republican and Kissell has been seen as one of the most endangered incumbents in the House.

Though Kissell is on the ropes, another blue dog Democrat in North Carolina, Mike McIntyre, is hanging strong – in part due to commercials that identify him as a strong conservative and a family man with traditional values.  Watching the ad, you would think that McIntyre is the Republican in the race.  Certainly, he will be tough to dislodge, though many consultants here in the state expect that the race will be a toss-up come election day.  My view?  McIntyre has the edge.


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