Daily Perspective: June 24

Rep. Larry Pittman adds more to his history of outlandish statements, this time comparing Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler.

Perspective: May 28

This week, we discuss the ongoing primary challenge to Thom Tillis, Thomas' take on the Democrats' economic message, and the beginning stages of the state budget.

Fight to the Right

In the past few months, scrutinizing eyes have fallen upon Republican Senator Thom Tillis here in the Tar Heel state. Endless speculation surrounding a potential primary challenge finally bore fruit earlier this week: Tucker Garland, a conservative businessman and...

Perspective: May 6th

This week's Perspective, from PoliticsNC: We cover crossover in the NCGA and their upcoming budget, whether that will include Medicaid expansion, and a new challenger to Thom Tillis from within the Republican Party.

Richard Burr Should Resign

Let this serve as a mea culpa. People of North Carolina: I was wrong. Last year, still starry-eyed and idealistic in college at Chapel Hill, I wrote a letter to the editor and submitted it to the News & Observer: 3/4/18 | News & Observer I tried to give him...

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