HD-09: The Urologist and the Architect

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North Carolina State House District 9: State Rep. Greg Murphy (R) vs. Brian Farkas (D)

This is another somewhat purple district in Eastern North Carolina. House District 9 is located entirely within Pitt County and contains part of the city of Greenville. It’s currently represented by Dr. Greg Murphy, a urologist who was appointed to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Rep. Brian Brown (who left to work for U.S. Senator Thom Tillis).

Thus, Murphy, a Republican, is an appointed incumbent who has been untested on the campaign trail. And who’s his Democratic opponent? It’s Brian Farkas, a Pitt County native who works in an architecture firm. As of the last financial quarter, Murphy had $176,317 cash on hand compared to Farkas’s $29,625.

On his website, Farkas touts his support for public education, good jobs, and good government (including ending gerrymandering and rolling back ‘voter suppression’ laws). The incumbent has a conventional Republican voting record and would probably agree that more choice in education, lower taxes, and greater economic freedom have all been facilitated by the state legislature.

Due to the Republican lean of the district and Murphy’s tremendous cash advantage, Farkas will probably need a Democratic wave to prevail in November. With Donald Trump heading the Republican presidential ticket, that’s certainly a possibility. Therefore, this one gets a rating of “Likely Republican.”

The early voting plan adopted by Pitt County could affect the race at the margins. The plan lacks an early voting center at East Carolina University, which could discourage students from voting and slightly weaken the chances of Democrats seeking office in the county.

Counties in district: Pitt (part)

District Rating: Likely Republican

2014 Result
60.1% Brown (R)
39.9% Ward (D)

Voter Registration
41.2% Democrat
32.0% Republican
26.4% Unaffiliated

75.0% White
19.6% Black
5.4% Other

Results in Other Elections
2012 President
55.3% Romney
43.8% Obama

2012 Governor
58.0% McCrory
40.0% Dalton

2010 Senate
60.6% Burr
38.2% Marshall

2008 Senate
49.8% Dole
47.9% Hagan


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