Henderson is a county located in the Appalachian Mountains, south of Asheville. The county seat is Hendersonville. It has retained its historically Republican nature, and with its high population is valuable to Republican prospectives statewide.

Presidential PVIs
1988: R+29 (Solid Republican)
1992: R+24 (Solid Republican)
1996: R+34 (Solid Republican)
2000: R+34 (Solid Republican)
2004: R+27 (Solid Republican)
2008: R+28 (Solid Republican)
2012: R+31 (Solid Republican)

Forecast: There are hopes that an influx of young professionals will swing the county leftward, but this has not yet materialized. The county is more urban that its neighboring counties and its reaction to Barack Obama has not been as negative, but there has been a Republican trend in the county since 2004. The growth rate during the 2000s was 19.7%. The city of Hendersonville is the only area competitive for Democrats, whose future hopes in the county will rely on an increased liberal presence.

2012 Presidential election results (blue = Obama; red = Romney; gray = tie)

2012 Presidential election results (blue = Obama; red = Romney; gray = tie)

Elected Officials

11th Congressional District Mark Meadows (R)

State Senate
48th Senate District Tom Apodaca (R)

State House
113th House District Chris Whitmire (R)
117th House District Chuck McGrady (R)

County Commissioners
(under Republican control)
Charlie Messer, Chairman (R)
Tommy Thompson, Vice-Chairman (R)
Grady Hawkins (R)
Michael Edney (R)
Larry Young (R)


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