Here’s your cup

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Editor's Blog, NC Politics, NCGA, NCGOP

Boy, those MetLife guys are gonna be PISSED! When they took that $90 million in government money, I don’t think they planned on peeing in a cup. But that’s what Senator Andrew Brock is going to make them do. Brock introduced a bill that would require “applicants for public assistance” to submit to drug testing before they can receive public money.

Not only that, but he’s making them take the test at “the county department of social services.” All those corporate execs are gonna feel pretty uncomfortable down there with all those folks who are struggling to get by.

I mean, can’t you just see it: Some CEO who’s applying for incentives, wearing an expensive suit, sitting in a waiting room with all those unemployed women and their bored toddlers running wild? Then, after he’s been there for about 45 minutes or so, the receptionist, a stern-looking African-American woman, slides back the glass window, looks at the suit and hollers, “Next in line! Here’s your cup, Mister. Second door on the left.”



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