Kryn is Latest Senate Contender

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Carolina Strategic Analysis, Features


Dr. Edward Kryn of Clayton announced that he was throwing his hat in to the already crowded Republican primary for U.S. Senate. Kryn, who is from Canada, says he left his home country because of its embracing of the homosexual agenda and socialized medicine.

Kryn’s campaign is highly unlikely to go anywhere. But as Thomas Mills points out, just by being on the ballot is enough to garner about 5% of the vote, which makes it increasingly likely that the Republican primary will head to a runoff. A runoff would probably divide the party and give incumbent Kay Hagan a boost for reelection. A similarly competitive runoff did the same for the Democrats and Richard Burr four years ago.

In some ways, however, the addition of yet another candidate is good news for Tillis. With such a crowded field, it is much harder for any one person to break out and become the “anti-Tillis” candidate. Such a candidate will have to not only differentiate themselves from Tillis, but from the rest of the Republican field.


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