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With the exception of @_FloridaMan, which is truly a stroke of comedic genius, I don’t follow a lot of faux twitter accounts. So when the account @PatMcCrony popped up in my twitter feed, I chuckled but didn’t pay it much attention. Now, though, the more I look into the McCrory administration, the more I think that account has hit the nail on the head. McCrory, after coming into office promising to reform Raleigh, has built an administration rife with cronyism.

The one-stop shop of Shanahan Law/Secretary of Public Safety/CompassNC lobbying/NC Banking commission had to take a step back when Shanahan announced that he would take a leave from his law office and his wife said she was stepping back from her role at the lobbying firm. McCrory Chief of Staff Thomas Stith’s wife, though, still has her lobbying operation up and going because, trust them, they’ll make sure there won’t be any conflicts of interests.

Now, it seems that Kerry Guice, wife Shanahan Deputy David Guice, is legislative assistant to Rep. Jamie Boles, the chair of the appropriations sub-committee that determines the funding for the Department of Public Safety. From everything I can tell, David Guice has been a solid public servant most of his career and his wife is a very competent and well liked member of the legislative staff. BUT YOU CAN’T DO THIS. This is exactly how otherwise good people get caught in bad situations and Guice, with his 30-year career in public service, should know that better than anyone.

While they can’t help the rest of North Carolina’s unemployed, Republicans are treating state government like their personal job bank. The place is crawling with wives, kids, relatives and friends of elected and appointed officials getting hired. And McCrory wants an additional 1,000 political appointments.

If ever there was a house of cards being built, it’s right here in state government. When the inevitable scandals and profiteering start to emerge, I’m sure that the Governor will be shocked–shocked–that his appointees and cronies could be involved in such unseemly activity. Did they really learn nothing from the previous Democratic administrations?


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